LPG Dry Gas Filter


LPG dry gas filter FFL type filter is designed for sequential injection gas installations in vehicles equipped with gasoline engines. Filter is located on a bus between reducer and injectors. Its aim is to filter LPG gas in volatile phase and to assure filtering with accuracy of 6-10 μm. Such accuracy ensures proper functioning of all delicate elements of injectors. Depending on the needs, filter can be used for single injectors, as well as for whole injecting buses having 2, 3 and 4 sections.

Manufacture and tests:

The quality assurance system, which has been implemented and is used in FACH S.A., on the basis on standards EN-ISO 9001:2000 in the area of design and production assures that the produced in serial process FFL drygas filter filters have the designed and required parameters that meet all requirements of EKG ONZ 67-01 regulation.


FFL type dry gas filter can be disassembled and used many times. It is equipped with a filtering insert that can be replaced if dirty, during car gas installation inspections. Frequency, in which the filtering insert is to be replaced, depends strictly on the quality and purity of liquid gas that is offered by gas stations. In normal operating conditions, it is recommended to replace filtering insert every six months.

Flexible gas inlet and outlet pipes are to be connected to the connectors soldered on filter covers.

Filter body and filter cover are made of steel elements soldered with copper based solders in protective atmosphere ovens. They are galvanized with anti-corrosive zinc coating.

Filter spring insert is made of brass. Its aim is to clamp the filtering insert to the sealant and upper filter cover. It assures that the element is leak-proof and that the gas flows through the filtering insert and the lower filter body.

O-ring 2x38 gasket is made of NBR resistant rubber tested for accordance with LPG, guarantees tightness of the filter in the defined working pressure and temperature.

In filter body there are assembled then the following elements: spring insert, WG 1006 filtering insert, O-ring 2x38 gasket, all clamped by the filter upper cover and protected by W42 positioning spring ring.

If requested, inlet and outlet pipes having other diameters can be manufactured and filtering inserts made of various materials and various filtering capacity can be used.


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